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We can handle any hardware or software issue that we come across. All we need is the tower and we can have you back up and running. We carry many desktop parts in store and if there is a specific part needed, we can usually obtain those parts within the same day. We have fixed thousands of desktop computers from operating system reloads to custom gaming systems and everything in between. At Complete PC Support you can be sure your desktop will be in good hands, we have literally fixed every problem imaginable, we can fix anything. We will fix your desktop fast and at a low flat-rated price to saving you time and money.

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FREE Diagnostics & Estimates
Extremely Knowledgeable
30 Day Guarantee

Virus Removal (FREE Tune-Up Included) Only – $75.00

Is your computer infected with a virus or trojan? Is your computer running really slow? Bring it by our shop and we will give you a FREE diagnostic and FREE ESTIMATE to get it fixed right away. Also we can fix it over your internet connection or we can come to your home or business and pickup your computer, fix it, and drop back off to you, the choice is yours.

Slow Computer Tune-Up Only – $50.00

Is your computer running slow? Are your programs (browsers, e-mail, photo editing suites) taking much longer to start and performance has slowed down to a crawl? Is browsing through your local files slow, and are your movies and web clips stuttering when you watch them? After time programs, toolbars, bloatware and other things will slow your computer down, we will get your computer running better than new!

Operating System Reload Only – $75.00

Maybe your computer isn’t running right and no fixes seem to work? Or maybe you just want to clean your computer and start all over like when you first bought it? Whatever the reason we will work with you to make the process as simple and as pain free as possible.

Operating System Repair Only – $75.00

Operating system like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have to be repaired sometimes due to viruses, updates ect. The good news is that we can fix non bootable operating system a lot of the time so that you don’t have to reload your software like printers ect in turn saving you time and money.

Operating System Upgrade Only – $75.00

Maybe your computer isn’t running right and no fixes seem to work? Or maybe you just want to get the latest and greatest operating system for your computer. Whatever the reason we will work with you to move your data and get all of your software working again.

Blue Screen Of Death Only – $75.00

BSOD’s can be caused by many things including bad hardware or a corrupt windows registry. If you are experiencing a BSOD (blue screen of death) we can help, we offer FREE diagnostics and estimates, we will test all your hardware and find the problem at no charge to you.


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